Experience the enchanting allure of the Nepal tour package from Delhi. Nestled amidst the towering Himalayas, Nepal beckons with its vibrant culture and breathtaking scenery. Explore ancient temples, trek through pristine wilderness, and witness awe-inspiring mountain vistas. Our package promises an unforgettable adventure, providing insights into Nepal’s spiritual heritage and natural splendor. Join us for a transformative journey, leaving you with cherished memories of this Himalayan gem.

Nepal Adventure Awaits: Top Attractions for Delhi Tourists

Nepal Adventure Awaits: Top Attractions for Delhi Tourists

For Delhi tourists seeking a thrilling adventure, Nepal is a paradise waiting to be explored. Here are some of the top attractions and experiences that await you in this Himalayan wonderland:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek: Embark on the iconic Everest Base Camp trek, a challenging yet immensely rewarding journey that offers breathtaking views of the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.
  2. Annapurna Circuit: Trek through the diverse landscapes of the Annapurna Circuit, where you’ll encounter lush forests, charming villages, and awe-inspiring mountain panoramas.
  3. Kathmandu Valley: Explore the cultural riches of the Kathmandu Valley, home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple.
  4. Pokhara: Relax by the serene Phewa Lake in Pokhara, surrounded by the stunning Annapurna and Machapuchare mountains. Try paragliding or visit the Gupteshwor Cave for added adventure.
  5. Lumbini: Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and explore the sacred Maya Devi Temple and surrounding monasteries and gardens.

From Delhi to Kathmandu: Exploring Nepal’s Must-See Tourist Sites

For Delhi travelers, a journey to Nepal promises a diverse tapestry of culture, nature, and spirituality. Here’s a glimpse of the must-see tourist sites when exploring Nepal:

Kathmandu Valley: Start your adventure in the bustling capital, Kathmandu. Explore the UNESCO-listed Durbar Square, where ancient temples and palaces showcase Nepal’s rich history.

Pokhara: Head to Pokhara, a picturesque city nestled beside Phewa Lake and surrounded by the Annapurna Range.

Annapurna and Everest Treks: Nepal is renowned for its trekking routes. Embark on the Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp Trek for breathtaking mountain views.

Lumbini: Journey to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Explore the sacred Maya Devi Temple, visit monasteries, and walk amidst serene gardens that exude tranquility.

Why did you choose the Nepal tour package from Delhi?

The choice of a Nepal tour package from Delhi is often driven by a multitude of compelling reasons:

  1. Proximity: Delhi is well-connected to Nepal by air, making it a convenient starting point for travelers. The relatively short flight duration and easy accessibility make Nepal an attractive destination.
  2. Cultural Curiosity: Delhiites have a deep-rooted fascination for diverse cultures. Nepal’s rich cultural heritage, including its temples, traditions, and festivals, piques the curiosity of Delhi tourists.
  3. Himalayan Enchantment: The allure of the Himalayan Mountains is irresistible. Delhi residents often seek the thrill of trekking, mountaineering, or simply basking in the majestic mountain views that Nepal offers.
  4. Spiritual Exploration: Nepal is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and its spiritual essence draws seekers from Delhi. The opportunity to visit sacred sites, meditate in serene surroundings, and explore ancient monasteries is a significant pull.
  5. Adventure Opportunities: Delhiites are often adventure enthusiasts, and Nepal’s landscape offers a playground for activities like trekking, paragliding, rafting, and mountain biking.
  6. Cultural Connections: The cultural similarities between North India and Nepal, including shared historical roots and languages, create a sense of familiarity and connection for Delhi travelers.
  7. Budget-Friendly: Nepal is known for being a budget-friendly destination, offering excellent value for money, which is particularly appealing to travelers from Delhi.

3 days Packages tour from Delhi to Nepal

Day 1: Delhi to Kathmandu Arrival Explore the vibrant streets of Thamel or visit the nearby Durbar Square to get a taste of Nepali culture. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 2: Kathmandu Exploration After breakfast, embark on a guided tour of Kathmandu’s iconic sites. Visit the sacred Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Stupa (Monkey Temple), and Boudhanath Stupa, all UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Discover the historical and artistic treasures of Patan Durbar Square. Overnight stay in Kathmandu.

Day 3: Bhaktapur Excursion and Departure Head to Bhaktapur, another UNESCO-listed gem, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and Durbar Square.

The Convenience of  Nepal Family Tour Package from Delhi

Traveling with family can be a joyous experience, and opting for a Nepal family tour package from Delhi adds a layer of convenience that enhances the overall journey.

Hassle-Free Planning: Planning a trip can be time-consuming and complex, but tour packages handle the logistics, including accommodations, transportation, and guided tours, allowing families to focus on creating memories.

Local Expertise: The inclusion of knowledgeable guides provides valuable insights into Nepal’s culture and attractions, making the experience more enriching and informative.

Safety and Security: Reputable tour operators prioritize the safety of their clients, ensuring that families can explore Nepal with peace of mind.

Kid-Friendly Activities: These packages often incorporate activities suitable for children, ensuring that younger travelers have an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Nepal visa Requirements and application process from Delhi

Delhi residents traveling to Nepal can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport. You’ll need a passport with a validity of at least six months beyond your intended departure date, passport-sized photos, and the visa fee in USD or equivalent INR.

Alternatively, you can apply for a Nepal tourist visa in advance at the Embassy of Nepal in Delhi by submitting the application form, required photos, and visa fee in INR.

Visa regulations and fees can change, so it’s advisable to check the latest requirements with the embassy or consulate before your journey.

Best Nepal tour package from Delhi

The best Nepal tour package from Delhi offers a well-rounded experience, combining cultural immersion, adventure, and relaxation. It typically includes visits to Kathmandu’s iconic sites, trekking opportunities in the Himalayas, exploration of picturesque lakeside towns like Pokhara, and a glimpse into Nepal’s rich heritage.

Nepal tour package cost from Delhi

The cost of a Nepal tour package from Delhi can vary widely based on factors such as the duration, inclusions (accommodation, meals, activities), and the type of tour (budget to luxury). On average, a 7-10-day package may range from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 per person, excluding international flights.

The benefits of a tour package from Delhi to Nepal

A tour package from Delhi to Nepal offers convenience, local expertise, and a well-planned itinerary. It streamlines travel logistics, includes guided tours, ensures safety, and often provides cost savings. Travelers can immerse themselves in Nepal’s culture and beauty without the hassle of planning every detail.

7-day Package tour from Delhi to Nepal

Embark on a transformative 7-day journey from Delhi to Nepal, a land of astounding diversity and natural beauty.

Day 1-2: Kathmandu Exploration Arrive in Kathmandu and immerse yourself in its rich cultural tapestry. Visit UNESCO-listed Durbar Square, Swayambhunath Stupa, and Pashupatinath Temple. Explore vibrant markets and savor Nepali cuisine.

Day 3-4: Pokhara’s Serenity Head to Pokhara, a serene city nestled by Phewa Lake with stunning mountain backdrops. Enjoy a boat ride, visit Davis Falls and Gupteshwor Cave, and soak in the tranquil ambiance.

Day 5: Chitwan Wildlife Safari Experience wildlife encounters in Chitwan National Park. Safari activities include jungle walks, elephant rides, and bird watching, with a chance to spot rhinos and tigers.

Day 6: Lumbini’s Spiritual Sanctuary Visit Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha, where you can explore the sacred Maya Devi Temple, monasteries, and peaceful gardens.

Day 7: Return to Delhi Bid farewell to Nepal as you return to Delhi, carrying cherished memories of a week filled with cultural immersion, natural wonders, and spiritual insights.

Food and Drink in Nepal for Delhi Tourists

Street Food: Explore bustling markets for street food like “chatamari” (Nepali pizza), “sel roti” (rice donuts), and “samosas.”

Thakali Cuisine: Try dishes from the Thakali community, such as “dal bhat” with buckwheat pancakes and locally sourced vegetables.

Tea and Coffee: Sip on aromatic Nepali tea or “chiya” and enjoy the country’s growing coffee culture.

Dhido: A traditional food made from buckwheat or millet, dhido is often served with spicy accompaniments.

Local Brews: Taste local alcoholic beverages like “raksi” (a traditional spirit) or try “chang” (fermented millet beer).

The Best Time to Visit Nepal from Delhi

The best time for Delhi tourists to visit Nepal is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons. These periods offer pleasant weather, clear skies, and optimal conditions for trekking and exploring Nepal’s stunning landscapes and cultural heritage.

Nepal transportation option for Delhi tourist

Nepal offers various transportation options for Delhi tourists. Domestic flights connect major cities and trekking hubs. Tourist buses provide comfortable overland travel, and taxis and rickshaws are common for short distances. Adventure seekers can use motorbikes or bicycles while trekking and hiking routes abound for nature enthusiasts.

Nepal Shopping Benefits for Delhi Tourists

Delhi tourists in Nepal enjoy shopping for authentic handicrafts, jewelry, textiles, and spices at reasonable prices. The country’s markets offer a vibrant shopping experience with unique treasures, making it an ideal destination for souvenir hunting and cultural exploration.

Nepal Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options for Delhi

Nepal provides a wide range of culinary options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarian choices include dal bhat, momo, and vegetable curries. Non-vegetarians can relish dishes like chicken, mutton, and fish prepared with aromatic spices. Nepal’s food diversity caters to the palates of Delhi tourists, offering delightful culinary experiences.

Nepal Popular markets and shopping areas for Delhi

Nepal offers a vibrant shopping scene that entices Delhi tourists with its unique treasures and rich cultural heritage.

Asan Bazaar, Kathmandu: This historic market is a sensory delight, with colorful spices, textiles, and traditional items. It’s an ideal place to experience the local way of life.

Durbar Marg, Kathmandu: For upscale shopping, Durbar Marg offers boutiques and high-end stores, perfect for those seeking luxury items and designer fashion. Patan

Durbar Square, Lalitpur: The surrounding area is home to charming shops selling traditional Newari crafts, including intricately carved woodwork and metalware.

Budgeting for Nepal tour package from Delhi

Nepal’s popular markets and shopping areas offer Delhi tourists a delightful shopping experience steeped in tradition and culture. Thamel in Kathmandu is a bustling hub known for handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Asan Bazaar offers an authentic taste of local life with vibrant spices and textiles. Durbar Marg caters to upscale shoppers with boutiques and designer fashion. Patan Durbar Square showcases Newari crafts, while Boudhanath Stupa Area has Tibetan and Nepali religious artifacts. Pokhara Lakeside is perfect for jewelry and adventure gear, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square is known for pottery and traditional crafts. These markets capture Nepal’s essence through its vibrant goods.


In conclusion, a Nepal tour package from Delhi promises an enchanting journey that seamlessly blends culture, adventure, and natural beauty. Whether exploring ancient temples in Kathmandu, trekking in the Himalayas, or discovering serene lakeside towns like Pokhara, this experience offers a diverse tapestry of experiences for Delhi tourists. The convenience of curated itineraries, local expertise, and hassle-free planning ensures a memorable adventure. Nepal’s warm hospitality, stunning landscapes, and rich heritage leave an indelible mark on visitors, making it a destination that lingers in the heart and beckons them to return for more.


What is the typical duration of a Nepal tour package from Delhi?

Nepal tour packages from Delhi can vary in duration, typically ranging from 5 to 15 days, depending on the itinerary and destinations included.

Which are the popular destinations included in Nepal tour packages from Delhi? 

Common destinations often encompass Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, and various Himalayan trekking regions.

Is Nepal a safe destination for tourists from Delhi? 

Yes, Nepal is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it’s advisable to take standard safety precautions and follow local guidelines.

What is the average cost of a Nepal tour package from Delhi? 

The cost varies based on the package’s duration, inclusions, and type. On average, it can range from INR 25,000 to INR 50,000 per person, excluding international flights.

Are there vegetarian food options available in Nepal for Delhi tourists? 

Yes, Nepal offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, and vegetarian food is readily available in most restaurants.

What activities can I expect in a Nepal tour package from Delhi? 

Activities may include cultural sightseeing, trekking, wildlife safaris, adventure sports, and spiritual retreats, depending on the package.

Can I customize my Nepal tour package from Delhi to suit my preferences? 

Yes, many tour operators offer customizable packages, allowing you to tailor your Nepal journey according to your specific interests and requirements.

Do I need a visa to visit Nepal from Delhi? 

Yes, Indian tourists need a visa to enter Nepal. You can obtain one upon arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or apply in advance at the Embassy of Nepal in Delhi.