Unveil the treasures of the Turkey Tour Package from Bangladesh. From the captivating cityscape of Istanbul to the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia, immerse yourself in Turkey’s wonders. Indulge in its rich history, vibrant markets, and savory cuisine. Let us handle the logistics while you savor every moment of this enchanting journey, creating memories to cherish forever.

Why Turkey is a must-visit destination for Bangladeshi travelers

Turkey holds significant appeal as a must-visit destination for Bangladeshi travelers due to the following reasons:

  • Cultural Diversity and Similarities:

Both Turkey and Bangladesh have rich histories and cultures that offer a sense of familiarity. 

  • Visa Convenience:

As of my last update in September 2021, Turkey offers a relatively straightforward visa process for Bangladeshi citizens. 

  • Historical Marvels:

Turkey boasts an array of historical wonders like the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the ruins of Ephesus. 

  • Breathtaking Landscapes:

Turkey’s diverse landscapes, from the dreamlike landscapes of Cappadocia to the picturesque coastal areas.

  • Culinary Adventures:

Turkish cuisine, like Bangladeshi cuisine, incorporates a rich mix of flavors and spices. 

  • Shopping Extravaganza:

Turkey’s bustling bazaars and markets offer a treasure trove of unique souvenirs and goods. Bangladeshi travelers can revel in the joy of shopping for carpets, textiles, jewelry, and more.

  • Hospitality and Warmth:

Turkish people are known for their warm hospitality, which can make Bangladeshi travelers feel welcome and at ease during their journey.

  • Affordability:

Turkey often provides good value for money, making it an accessible destination for Bangladeshi tourists seeking a fulfilling travel experience without straining their budgets.

  • Ease of Communication:

While language barriers might exist, many tourist areas in Turkey have English-speaking staff. 

Turkey easy visa for Bangladeshi citizens

Turkey’s easy visa process for Bangladeshi citizens opens doors to a captivating journey. With simplified requirements and a user-friendly application system, traveling to Turkey becomes a seamless experience. This accessibility allows Bangladeshi travelers to immerse themselves in Turkey’s rich history, awe-inspiring architecture, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality. The straightforward visa process enhances cultural exchange and tourism, strengthening the bond between the two nations while offering an unforgettable adventure for Bangladeshi explorers.

Turkey is Cost-effective for bd travelers

Turkey presents an attractive option for Bangladeshi travelers seeking value for their money. With its affordable accommodation, reasonably priced dining, and budget-friendly transportation options, Turkey offers a cost-effective travel experience. Exploring historic sites, savoring diverse cuisine, and enjoying the country’s natural beauty can be enjoyed without straining the budget. This affordability ensures that Bangladeshi travelers can experience Turkey’s wonders without breaking the bank.

Cultural similarity to bd travelers

Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh offer a unique cultural connection for travelers. The shared historical elements, architectural motifs, and warm hospitality resonate with Bangladeshi visitors. Exploring Turkey’s rich heritage, ancient sites, and diverse traditions feels familiar yet enriching. This cultural similarity enhances the travel experience, fostering a deeper appreciation for both countries’ legacies. It’s a journey that bridges cultures and creates lasting memories for Bangladeshi travelers exploring Turkey.

Top Tourist Attractions in Turkey

Certainly, Turkey is filled with remarkable tourist attractions.

  • Cappadocia:

Known for its surreal landscapes, Cappadocia features fairy chimneys and hot air balloon rides over its unique terrain. 

  • Ephesus:

An ancient city with well-preserved Roman ruins, including the Library of Celsus and the impressive Great Theatre. 

  • Pamukkale:

Famous for its white terraces formed by thermal waters, Pamukkale creates a striking natural scene. 

  • Antalya:

This coastal city boasts beautiful beaches, an old town, and access to the ancient city of Perge. 

  • Bodrum:

Offering vibrant nightlife and historical sites like the Castle of St. Peter, Bodrum provides a lively coastal experience. 

  • Troy:

Linked to the legendary Trojan War, Troy offers insights into ancient mythology and history. 

  • Pergamon:

An ancient Greek city showcasing remarkable ruins such as the Altar of Zeus and a well-preserved amphitheater. 

  • Mount Ararat:

Turkey’s highest peak is a magnet for adventure seekers and provides stunning vistas. 

  • Ankara:

The capital boasts attractions like the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and the Mausoleum of Ataturk.

Getting to Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh

Embarking on Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh is convenient and exciting. Numerous airlines offer flights connecting major Bangladeshi cities to Istanbul and other Turkish destinations. With well-structured itineraries, travelers can easily explore Turkey’s cultural gems, historical sites, and breathtaking landscapes.

  • Available transportation options

Turkey offers diverse transportation options for travelers. Efficient domestic flights connect major cities, while intercity buses provide a cost-effective choice. Trains offer scenic journeys, and metros and trams ease urban travel. Taxis and rideshares cater to short distances, ensuring convenient mobility throughout the country.

  • Flight details and costs

Flight Name

Cost Time Arrival


US Bangla Airlines BDT  66,210 11:00 am 25h 10 min
Turkish Airlines BDT 65,420 9:00 28h 10m
Air Arabia BDT 64,100 12:00 2 d 1h  29m


  • Turkey Visa requirements and application process

Bangladeshi citizens seeking to visit Turkey need to apply for a tourist visa. The application process involves completing an online form, uploading necessary documents, and paying the visa fee. Requirements include a valid passport, travel itinerary, hotel bookings, and financial proof. The e-visa is usually processed within a short period, facilitating travel plans.

Best Time to Visit Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey is during spring (April to June) and fall (September to October), when the weather is pleasant and crowds are manageable. Coastal regions are ideal for summer beach vacations, while winter offers skiing in mountainous areas. The timing varies based on specific activities and regions.

  • Turkey’s climate and weather patterns

Turkey’s climate varies, with coastal regions enjoying Mediterranean weather – hot, dry summers and mild winters. Inland areas have a continental climate – hot summers and cold winters. Eastern parts experience harsh winters. Coastal cities like Istanbul are milder, making it a year-round destination, while central regions are best visited in spring and fall.

  • Peak and off-peak seasons for tourism

Turkey’s peak tourist season is during summer (June to August) when coastal areas are bustling. Spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) offer pleasant weather with fewer crowds. Winter (November to February) is off-peak except for ski resorts. Timing depends on preferences, activities, and regions of interest.

  • Recommended travel times for different types of activities

For Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh, visit during spring and fall (April to June, September to October) for a balanced experience. Summer (June to August) suits beach vacations, while winter (November to February) caters to skiing. Tailor travel times based on interests – historical sites, coastal getaways, or mountain adventures.

Accommodation Options in Turkey

Turkey offers diverse accommodation options to suit all budgets and preferences. From luxury resorts and boutique hotels to budget-friendly hostels and guesthouses, travelers can choose from a range of accommodations. Coastal areas, cities, and rural regions provide a variety of choices for a comfortable stay during your Turkey tour.

  • Types of hotels, guesthouses, and lodges available

Turkey provides a wide array of accommodations. Luxury hotels pamper travelers with upscale amenities. Boutique hotels offer unique experiences. Budget-friendly hostels provide shared spaces for socializing. Traditional guesthouses reflect local culture, while lodges in nature reserves offer immersive escapes. From opulence to authenticity, Turkey caters to diverse preferences.

  • Prices and quality of accommodation in different parts of Turkey

Accommodation prices in Turkey vary by region. Coastal resorts and major cities like Istanbul offer a range of options with varying price points. Urban areas generally have higher rates, while rural regions and smaller towns offer more affordable choices. Quality aligns with prices, ensuring a suitable stay for every traveler.

  • Best areas to stay for different travelers

For history enthusiasts, Sultanahmet in Istanbul offers proximity to major attractions. Antalya’s coastal resorts are perfect for beach lovers. Cappadocia’s unique landscapes attract adventure seekers. Those seeking tranquility can opt for Bodrum’s scenic beauty. Choose accommodations based on your interests to make the most of your Turkey trip.

Transportation within Turkey

Turkey offers diverse transportation options. Buses connect cities affordably, while domestic flights provide quick access. Trains offer scenic journeys, and metros/trams ease urban travel. Taxis and rideshares are convenient for short distances. The well-connected network ensures easy mobility, enabling travelers to explore the country efficiently.

  • Local transportation options

Local transportation in Turkey includes efficient metro and tram systems in major cities like Istanbul, making urban travel convenient. Buses and minibusses cover suburban and local routes. Taxis and rideshares are readily available. These options ensure smooth exploration of cityscapes and local attractions.

  • Renting a car or motorbike in Turkey

.Renting a car or motorbike in Turkey offers flexibility to explore at your own pace. International driving permits are required. Road signage is in Turkish and English. While driving provides freedom, consider local traffic rules and road conditions for a safe and immersive travel experience.

  • Domestic flights and their availability

Domestic flights in Turkey are widely available, connecting major cities and tourist destinations. Airlines offer frequent routes and competitive prices, making air travel a convenient and time-saving option for travelers looking to explore different regions of the country.

Food and Drink in Turkey

Turkey’s culinary scene is a treat for Bangladesh travelers. Savor kebabs, baklava, and mezes. Explore local markets for spices and Turkish delight. Traditional tea and coffee culture offers delightful experiences. Turkish cuisine mirrors flavors familiar to Bangladeshi tastes, ensuring a gastronomic journey to remember during Turkey tour packages.

  • Popular Turkey dishes and their ingredients

Turkish cuisine presents enticing dishes like kebabs, made from seasoned meat skewered and grilled. Baklava is a sweet pastry with layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and syrup. Mezes include a variety of appetizers like hummus and stuffed vine leaves. These dishes blend flavors from spices, meats, nuts, and vegetables, creating delightful culinary experiences.

  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options

Vegetarians can relish mezze platters, stuffed vegetables, and hearty lentil soups. The diverse cuisine ensures that both dietary preferences can enjoy flavorful and satisfying meals during their Turkey trip.

  • Best places to try Turkey cuisine

Indulge in authentic Turkish cuisine at Istanbul’s street food stalls for kebabs and simit. Explore local markets like the Grand Bazaar for spices and sweets. Seaside restaurants in Antalya offer fresh seafood, while traditional tea houses provide a taste of Turkish tea culture. Each spot offers a unique culinary experience.

Shopping in Turkey

Shopping in Turkey is a delight. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar offer a treasure trove of textiles, ceramics, and spices. Antalya’s markets showcase local crafts, while Cappadocia presents unique pottery. From vibrant bazaars to boutique shops, Turkey offers a diverse range of souvenirs and goods for every taste.

  • Handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs to buy in Turkey

Turkey offers a rich variety of handicrafts, clothing, and souvenirs. Intricate carpets, ceramics, and mosaic lamps reflect artistic craftsmanship. Traditional clothing like Ottoman-style garments is popular. Souvenirs include Turkish delight, spices, and evil eye charms. These items capture Turkey’s cultural essence, making for meaningful and memorable purchases.

  • Popular markets and shopping areas

Turkey boasts vibrant shopping destinations. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar dazzles with textiles and jewelry. Spice Bazaar tempts with fragrant spices. Antalya’s markets showcase crafts and textiles. Cappadocia offers unique pottery. From historic bazaars to modern boutiques, these markets and shopping areas offer a diverse and immersive retail experience.

  • Bargaining and negotiation tips for shoppers

In Turkish markets, bargaining is customary. Approach with a friendly demeanor and start with a lower offer. Be prepared to compromise and meet halfway. Polite negotiation often yields better prices. Engage with sellers respectfully to enjoy a successful and enjoyable shopping experience while exploring Turkey’s markets.

Culture and Customs in Turkey

Turkey’s culture is a tapestry of history and traditions. Hospitality is paramount – accept tea offers and engage in friendly conversations. Modest dress is respectful, especially in religious sites. Remove shoes before entering homes. Familiarize yourself with local customs for a culturally immersive and respectful journey through Turkey.

  • Turkey’s culture and traditions

Turkey’s culture is a mosaic of influences from various civilizations. Its traditions include sharing tea as a gesture of hospitality, celebrating festivals like Eid and Nevruz, and practicing customs like removing shoes indoors. A blend of East and West, Turkey’s culture reflects its rich history and diverse heritage.

  • Dos and don’ts for tourists in Turkey

Dos: Respect local customs, accept tea offers, dress modestly in religious sites, bargain in markets, and try traditional cuisine. Don’ts: Avoid public displays of affection, enter mosques during prayer times, disrespect religious sites, and use your left hand for greetings or eating. Being culturally sensitive enhances your experience while exploring Turkey.

  • Turkey festivals and celebrations

Turkey hosts a range of vibrant festivals. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha are major Islamic celebrations. Nevruz marks the arrival of spring. The International Antalya Film Festival highlights cinema. Whirling Dervishes festivals celebrate Sufi traditions. These events offer insights into Turkey’s cultural diversity and provide memorable experiences for travelers.

Health and Safety in Turkey

Turkey maintains good health and safety standards. Tap water is generally safe in urban areas, but bottled water is recommended. Carry essential medications and insurance coverage. Be cautious of pickpocketing in crowded places. Follow local guidelines, respect COVID-19 protocols, and prioritize personal safety during your Turkey journey.

  • Health precautions for tourists

Prioritize health while traveling in Turkey. Stay hydrated with bottled water, adhere to food safety, and wash hands frequently. Carry necessary medications, insect repellent, and sun protection. Stay updated on vaccinations and consider travel insurance. Following these precautions ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Safety tips for traveling in Turkey

While in Turkey, stay vigilant against pickpocketing in crowded areas. Follow local guidelines and avoid public displays of affection. Respect local customs and dress modestly in religious sites. Register with your embassy and stay informed about local news. Prioritizing safety enhances your travel experience.

  • Natural disasters and their impact on tourism

For Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh, awareness of potential natural disasters like earthquakes is essential. While uncommon, earthquakes can impact infrastructure and travel plans. Travelers should stay informed, follow safety guidelines, and consider travel insurance to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip, even during unforeseen events.

Trekking in Turkey

Trekking in Turkey unveils a tapestry of wonders. From the lunar landscapes of Cappadocia to the lush trails of the Lycian Way, diverse adventures await. Traverse ancient ruins, pine-scented valleys, and azure coastlines. Turkish hospitality and breathtaking vistas make each step unforgettable, weaving memories of culture and nature.

  • Essential trekking gear and equipment

Essential trekking gear: sturdy hiking boots for grip, moisture-wicking clothing layers, weatherproof jacket, backpack with hydration system, trail snacks, navigation tools like a map and compass, headlamp, first aid kit, multitool, and a portable phone charger. Well-packed gear ensures comfort, safety, and preparedness on every trekking journey.

  • Popular trekking routes and difficulty levels

Turkey tour packages from Bangladesh offer diverse trekking experiences. Lycian Way’s moderate trails unveil ancient ruins and coastal beauty. Cappadocia’s unique landscapes captivate. For a challenge, the Kaçkar Mountains’ rugged paths beckon. Choose routes that match your skill level, creating unforgettable Turkish adventures tailored to every trekker.

  • Hiring guides and porters for trekking expeditions

Guides and porters enhance trekking expeditions. Experienced guides offer local insights, ensure safety, and navigate unfamiliar terrain. Porters alleviate the burden of heavy loads, allowing trekkers to focus on the journey. Their expertise and support elevate the trekking experience, fostering memorable adventures in breathtaking landscapes.

Adventure Sports in Turkey

Turkey is a playground for adventure enthusiasts. Paraglide over Ölüdeniz’s turquoise coast, raft down the thrilling Köprülü Canyon, or ski in the impressive Uludağ Mountains. From hot air ballooning in Cappadocia to diving in Kaş, Turkey’s diverse terrain offers heart-pounding excitement for all seeking unforgettable adrenaline-fueled experiences.

  • White water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and other adventure sports

Adventure sports ignite thrill-seekers worldwide. Conquer fierce rapids through white water rafting, soar like a bird while paragliding over stunning landscapes, and take the ultimate leap with bungee jumping’s heart-pounding plunge. These adrenaline-pumping pursuits provide an electrifying escape from the ordinary, crafting lasting memories of daring exploits.

  • Safety precautions and recommended operators

Prioritize safety in adventure sports. Choose certified operators with well-maintained equipment and trained guides. Wear proper gear, follow instructions, and assess personal limits. Research weather conditions and local regulations. Travel with a buddy, and communicate any health concerns. By taking precautions, you ensure thrilling experiences without compromising safety.

Volunteer and Community Tourism in Turkey

Turkey offers enriching opportunities for volunteer and community tourism. Engage with local projects, assist in environmental conservation, or contribute to social development initiatives. Immerse yourself in Turkish culture while making a positive impact, fostering meaningful connections, and leaving behind a lasting legacy of change.

  • Recommended organizations and programs for tourists

Discover reputable organizations and programs for meaningful travel. “Give for Good” supports community projects, “Turquoise Harmony Institute” focuses on social development, and “TURMEPA” is dedicated to environmental preservation. Research and choose organizations aligned with your interests to ensure a fulfilling and responsible journey of giving back.

  • Benefits and challenges of community tourism in Turkey

Community tourism in Turkey fosters cultural exchange, economic growth, and mutual understanding. Travelers engage directly with locals, contributing to their livelihoods. However, challenges like maintaining authenticity, preserving traditions, and managing increased tourism impact must be addressed to ensure a sustainable balance between positive outcomes and potential drawbacks.

Budgeting for a Turkey tour package from Bangladesh

Plan your Turkey tour package budget wisely. Consider airfare, accommodation, transportation, meals, sightseeing, and extras. Research package deals, compare prices, and allocate funds for souvenirs and unexpected expenses. A well-thought-out budget ensures a fulfilling and worry-free exploration of Turkey’s captivating wonders from Bangladesh.

  • Tips for budget-conscious travelers

Maximize your travel budget with smart choices. Opt for affordable accommodations like hostels or guesthouses, indulge in local street food, use public transportation, and explore free or low-cost attractions. Plan ahead, research discounts, and avoid unnecessary splurges. With careful planning, you can savor incredible experiences while keeping expenses in check.

  • Options for Luxury Travel in Turkey

Indulge in opulent luxury while exploring Turkey. Stay at lavish resorts along the Aegean coast, cruise the Bosphorus in private yachts, and savor gourmet Turkish cuisine at upscale restaurants. Experience personalized service, cultural immersion, and exclusive experiences that define a lavish journey through Turkey’s rich history and beauty.

Traveling with Children in Turkey

Embark on family adventures in Turkey with children. Discover kid-friendly attractions like Istanbul’s Miniaturk, enjoy boat rides on turquoise coasts, and explore ancient ruins in Ephesus. Plan for comfort, engage in interactive activities, and savor Turkish delights, creating memorable experiences for both young explorers and parents.

  • Health and safety considerations for traveling with children

Prioritize health and safety while traveling with kids. Carry essential medications, first aid supplies, and medical documents. Choose child-friendly accommodations, adhere to food and water precautions, and teach basic safety rules. Keep emergency contacts handy and maintain open communication, ensuring a worry-free and enjoyable family journey.

  • Recommended accommodations for families with children

For family comfort and convenience, choose accommodations tailored to kids. Opt for hotels with spacious family rooms, entertainment options, and on-site activities. Resorts with pools, play areas, and childcare services ensure a relaxed stay. Research reviews and amenities to find the perfect family-friendly haven in your Turkish adventure.

LGBTQ+ Travel in Turkey

Experience LGBTQ+ acceptance and explore Turkey’s rich history. Discover Istanbul’s vibrant nightlife, Cappadocia’s magical landscapes, and coastal gems like Antalya. While attitudes vary, urban areas are generally welcoming. Respect local customs, stay informed, and savor a diverse and colorful journey through this enchanting nation.

  • LGBTQ+-friendly tourist attractions and accommodations

Embrace inclusivity at LGBTQ+-friendly havens worldwide. Explore San Francisco’s Castro district, unwind at Mykonos’ gay beaches, or revel in Berlin’s vibrant scene. Choose from a plethora of accommodations like Axel Hotels or misterb&b, ensuring a warm welcome, and enriching your journey with unforgettable memories.

  • Safety tips for LGBTQ+ travelers in Turkey

While LGBTQ+ acceptance varies, Turkey offers a diverse experience. Prioritize safety: research local attitudes, avoid public displays of affection, and stay in LGBTQ+-friendly areas like Istanbul’s Taksim. Connect with local LGBTQ+ organizations for insights. Blend respect for local customs with personal authenticity for a fulfilling and secure journey.

Sustainable Tourism in Turkey

Embark on an eco-conscious journey with sustainable tourism Turkey packages from Bangladesh. Explore ancient wonders, scenic landscapes, and vibrant culture while minimizing environmental impact. Immerse in responsible travel, supporting local communities, and conserving nature. Experience Turkey’s beauty while leaving a positive footprint on this unforgettable adventure.

  • Responsible travel practices for tourists in Turkey

Practice responsible travel in Turkey: respect cultural norms, engage with locals, and choose eco-friendly accommodations. Preserve historical sites, reduce waste, and support local artisans. Embrace authentic experiences while leaving a positive impact on communities and the environment. Your mindful choices contribute to a sustainable and meaningful journey.

  • Ecotourism and community-based tourism initiatives in Turkey

Discover Turkey’s ecotourism and community-based initiatives, where nature and culture intertwine. Engage with local communities, learn traditional crafts, and explore untouched landscapes responsibly. From organic farming in Cappadocia to village homestays, these initiatives offer immersive, sustainable experiences that empower both travelers and residents.

Turkey Language and Communication

Turkey boasts a rich linguistic tapestry, with Turkish as the official language. English is widely spoken in urban areas and tourist destinations, facilitating communication. Embrace the local culture by learning basic Turkish phrases, fostering connections, and enhancing your travel experience.

  • English-speaking Locals and language barriers in Turkey

In Turkey, major cities and tourist spots have English-speaking locals, easing communication for travelers. However, rural areas may present language barriers. Learning a few Turkish phrases enhances interactions and shows respect for the culture. Embrace the challenge, as overcoming barriers often leads to rewarding cultural exchanges.

  • Tips for effective communication with Turkey people

Enhance your Turkey tour from Bangladesh: Learn key Turkish phrases, including greetings and polite expressions. Engage with locals respectfully, as many appreciate your effort. In major cities, English is useful, but a bit of Turkish goes a long way. Embrace cultural nuances for deeper connections and a memorable journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What’s Included in Turkey Tour Packages from Bangladesh? 

Tour packages typically include flights, accommodations, guided tours, transportation, and some meals. Specific inclusions vary by package.

  • Are Visa Formalities Covered in the Packages?

Visa requirements and processing are usually not included. Travelers need to arrange their Turkish visas independently.

  • Which Cities or Destinations are Covered?

Packages often include Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, and more. Check the itinerary for detailed destinations.

  • Is Travel Insurance Provided?

Travel insurance is recommended but not always included. It’s advisable to purchase comprehensive coverage before departure.

  • Do Packages Cater to Different Budgets?

Yes, packages vary in price based on accommodation standards, inclusions, and activities. Choose one that suits your budget and preferences.

  • Can I Customize the Itinerary?

Some packages offer limited customization options. Discuss with the tour operator for tailored experiences, if available.

  • What’s the Ideal Duration for a Turkey Tour?

 A typical tour lasts 7 to 10 days, but durations can be adjusted. Longer stays allow deeper exploration.

  • How Do Language Barriers Affect Communication?

While English is spoken in tourist areas, learning basic Turkish phrases helps in connecting with locals and enhancing experiences.

  • Are Local Guides Provided?

Yes, guided tours with local experts are usually part of the package, enriching your understanding of Turkey’s history and culture.

  • What’s the Best Time to Book a Turkey Tour from Bangladesh?

Spring (April to June) and autumn (September to October) offer pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making them ideal times to book your tour.